FB Ads versus Google Ads. Who wins?

Oh is it?

Who wins? I’d say creepiness wins.

Anyone who asks that question has understood neither Facebook Ads nor Google Ads well enough yet and that’s creepy.

See, it always boils down to the niche and the type of audience that you are dealing with, that’s how you choose a platform and not because one platform is better than the other.

Let me split it up for you.

Before that, to me, Google Ads is the winner. (Speaking selfishly)

As Google Ads worked best for most of my clients!  

I feel that Google is everywhere and it can provide quick results to my clients. As on Google, people are searching for my product whereas in Facebook or Instagram I have to push my product onto happy people scrolling through the platform simply for entertainment. 

See? Isn’t it disturbing?

When I put myself in the shoes of a customer (who we are every day), I felt that it is disturbing to see ads when I use Facebook or Instagram just for entertainment purposes and that gave me the ultimate revelation. 

But, that being said, I don’t completely ditch Facebook ads.  It is just my perception. FB ads work well too; in fact, I bought multiple courses from ads that I saw on Instagram.

Adding to that note, Google ads also have Display ad campaigns and YouTube ad campaigns that show a relevant advertisement to users surfing the net, thus Google ads can also play a role similar to that of Facebook, in fact, it plays a better role as people with more buying intent are on Google than they are on Facebook. 

Thus, to me, Google Ads is the winner but it doesn’t end there, a lot of factors such as cost, ad frequency, ad relevance, niche, the experience of the marketer, type of customers, etc matter when you choose the right platform.

So, that leads us to the questions “When to use Google Ads?” and “When to use Facebook Ads?”

When to use Google Ads?

Google Ads include Search ads, Discover ads, Gmail ads, YouTube ads, Display ads, Shopping ads, etc. There is an ad type for every type of digital marketer out there and Google justifies every single penny you pay for it. 

The most common ad type is the Google search ad. It shows a highly relevant ad related to the keyword people search and hence it makes so much sense to me, if a customer requires a product/service, he/she would search for it, and your ad appears as it is relevant to them and therefore it raises your chances to secure a sale.

And then you can remarket to those people who visited your website through Display and YouTube ads, which can also be used for branding. 

To me, Google is an all-rounder and their machine learning is top-notch, in fact, one of the best in the world. 


The only downgrade is that ads are a bit on the costlier side for high competitive keywords, but if you can improve the Quality score, Page relevancy and Ad relevancy, you might have a good chance to reduce your cost. 

When to use Facebook ads?

You can even target people based on relationship status on Facebook that is what makes my eye glitter when I use Facebook ads. Their detailed targeting options are great and very practical.

I feel FB is great for brand awareness and getting traffic to your website. If you need to market for lifestyle services, electronic gadgets, games, entertainment, videos, etc Facebook is your best bet.

As a thumb rule, Facebook can be used for an audience that buys based on feelings rather than making very educated shopping on the net.

Try to understand your audience and try to inculcate all sorts of FB advertising such as brand awareness, engagement ads, traffic ads, lead generation ads, remarketing campaigns etc to use it optimally.


It is a cheaper option than Google to get leads, but I have often received fake leads from Facebook, am not sure why, I am always sceptical of the quality of leads from FB.

So do you want quantity over quality?

Then again, there is no perfect answer, because as I told you earlier, the type of niche and the audience that you are dealing with determines the winning platform.

While we are on that topic, Google Ads and Facebook Ads are not your only option, newer platforms like LinkedIn, Quora, Pinterest, etc… offer great opportunities to different types of audiences.

But yet, that’s a topic for another day.

Let me know who is a winner for you in the comments.

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