Right questions to win clients over & over.

In this blog, I’ll list them right questions to make your client fall in love with you.

STEP 1: Ask the right questions.

Talk with them, every customer has their own needs. To most customers, it would be their first time talking with a digital marketing specialist and they tend to miss out on stuff. They don’t know what they need from a digital marketer’s perspective. So here are a few questions you should ask:

1.      What is your goal?

2.      What is your budget?

3.      Who are your competitors?

4.      What are the products and their specifications?

5.      What is the website address?

6.      What is your current social media status?

7.      Who is your target audience?

8.      What are your favourite colors?

Oh yeah?

1.       What is your goal?

All clients need a lot of profits. You know that, but what is the goal? So keep the following pointers at this stage.

·         Do they need more social media followers?

·         Or do they need more leads?

·         Or do they need more clients?

·         Or do they need to simply create an online presence?

·         Or do they just need more likes for their FB/ Instagram/ Linkedin posts?

·         Or do they need ads only?

2.      What is your budget?

Some clients might think that you are asking this to exploit them. So be it. But you need to ask them.

See, Digital marketing is an ocean of strategies and opportunities, and you get to choose how you sail through it. Hence, budget determines what type of ship, seed boat or houseboat you use.

Tell them that a budget will help you create the apt strategy for them. So simple.

Oh yeah!

3.      Who are your competitors?

The competitors are the real deal. They help you give directions to build your strategy. Competitors prevent you from not reinventing the wheel most of the time. You can simply copy their strategy or tweak it to make it better like this:

·         Make a better website than theirs.

·         Create better social media posts than theirs.

·         Create better ads than theirs.

·         Create better customer service than theirs.

4.      What are the products and their specifications?

Oh man, as simple as it may sound, you need to do it very well because most of the time clients are so engrossed in their products or services that they forget the simplest details that you require to create a good strategy for them.

So ask them,

·         What is the cost?

·         Is there a package?

·         How does it help the customer?

·         Can you change the price?

·         Can you modify the design? ( ask carefully)

·         When do customers need the product?

·         Is it seasonal?

5.      What is the website address?

Yup, it is crucial to know their website very well, because the website is the king of marketing and customers are the queen of marketing. As a digital marketer, you have to keep them married.

And, if the website isn’t that beautiful, the customer might not click on that ‘sign-up’ button or  ‘book a call button.

So these are the pointers to check your client’s website:

·         Is it beautiful?

·         Does it have a crisp lead magnet or signup form? (you need that for collecting emails)

·         Are the products clearly defined?

·         Does it include relevant keywords?

·         Is it SEO optimized?

If most of the answers are ‘NO’ then you need to include them in your strategy and hence in your proposal.

6.      What is your current social media status?

You can cut out on a lot of work, if the client has a good social media following already, if not more work for you. So check out their followers, the engagement that they get, the quality of content, the type of followers and spy on their competitor’s social media accordingly.

Then, you’ll know what to do automatically. Suggest to them the number of posts that they need to post regularly. You might need to follow relevant groups, comment on certain people’s post.etc…etc… So decide on it and share your thoughts.

Ya tell me..

7.      Who is your target audience?

Now that’s the golden question. Break down their audience on:

·         Age

·         Gender

·         Income level

·         Behaviours

·         Time (season, month etc) of the need of product

·         Location

These questions are very important when you set ad campaigns on any platform such as Google ads, Facebook ads, Quora ads, LinkedIn ads, etc.

No! not everything works like a charm.

I mentioned all the platforms above because it matters and not because I am silly. See, not all platforms work for all niches, since I feel:

·         Google ads work for almost all people but it’s costlier in most cases.

·         FB ads are okay but use them only for people above 30 years of age and Instagram ads are okay for people below 30 years of age.

·         LinkedIn ads are heavy on cost but mostly great for B2B marketing.

·         Quora ads are cheap and target audience who love to read for entertainment and knowledge.

So, knowing your target audience can help you select your platform and stay within budget.

8.      What are your favourite colours?

Nobody likes all colours!

Yup, that’s for branding. Try to learn their preferences for design. Do they like cartoony stuff or royal stuff? Do they like to keep it elegant and simple or make it sturdy?

Do they like to keep it dark or light with shadows?

To summarise, asking the right questions make you look charming to the client and your chances of winning them over skyrockets.

Go on, ask, and get creative.

Dan Pinheiro.

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